What is Telecare


The RedAssure telecare alarm is an easy, quick, non-intrusive way for you to stay safe in your own home and call for help when you need it. The equipment simply plugs into your phone line, connecting you to our care centre at the press of a button should you require assistance. Once pressed the equipment gives you direct speech contact with a member of the care centre who will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

To help provide extra reassurance you can get additional sensors which work with the unit such as epilepsy sensors, fall detectors and gas detectors to name a few. A full list of our additional products can be found in our products section.

The service can be used to support people of all ages and for all reasons, such as disability, older people, domestic violence or even just peace of mind for those living on their own!

We operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure you get the right type of help quickly, whether it be from one of your family, a neighbour, friend, member of our team, doctor or the ambulance service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lifeline alarm?
A lifeline alarm allows the wearer to call for help quickly and easily when it may otherwise be difficult to do so.

Who can have a lifeline?
Anyone can apply for a lifeline alarm! All you need to do is call us on 01903 703103 or visit our website and apply through our easy to fill in referral form.

Will it cost me to have someone come out and see me?
No RedAssure provide a free no obligation visit to your house to talk about the lifeline and our work. Importantly we want to ensure that what you get is what you need.

How much does it cost me to have the system installed?
Nothing, The RedAssure Team will install your system for free.

Do I pay from the first day I have the system?
No RedAssure offers you as a new customer a free 13 week trial whatever your circumstances.

After the trial do I suddenly get bills for the service?
No at RedAssure we will always call you to see how you are getting on with the service at least twice during the 13 weeks trial and we also contact you at the end of the trial period to ask how you are getting on and if you wish to keep the service.

OK I have my system but what happens if I press my button?
When you press your button it sends a signal to the call centre and within a minute they will come on the line and speak to you through the base unit (that’s the white box we have attached to you telephone line). They can speak to you and you can respond. They will ask you how you are and you can tell them what has happened and what your situation is. Depending on your responses they will contact the emergency services or family and friends as per the instructions you leave with us.

What if I press my button by mistake?
That’s not a problem. In fact we recommend that you test your system regularly so if you press by mistake when the call centre come through you can just tell them it’s a mistake or that you are testing the line. Either way you have the reassurance of knowing that the system is working and that is what you should expect from the service.

There are flashing lights or sounds coming from the system what should I do?
If the system seems to be making noises or the lights on the based unit appear to be flashing you can always call a member of the staff team and we will either talk you through what you need to do or we will come out and restart or replace the system. Whatever happens we will seek to ensure your service works as quickly as possible.

You offer white pendants with a Red Button are there other options?
Yes RedAssure can also offer a black button called the Onyx which many people find more attractive and less institutional. The cost is exactly the same and the service works in the same way.

What do you do with all the information I give you about myself?
When we install a service and when we do check visits we often ask about your health and other issues relevant to the service. This information is shared between us and the Call Centre so that in an emergency we are able to respond as quickly and effectively as possible. On occasions if the ambulance is called we may need to share information with the ambulance crew in order to support you at that time.

Note: Your information is not shared with anyone else and so you will not receive nuisance calls or junk mail in connection with Red Assure

What is a key safe and which one should I choose?
Key safes work very well with lifeline alarms. Please contact out service staff or ask when they visit and they will discuss the potential of key safes for you and which ones might suit you.

How much notice must customers give to stop the Lifeline service?
During your 13 week free trial you can stop the service at any time. If you have had the service for longer but still wish to end it we require 1 weeks’ notice.

Can I refer a friend?
Yes and you can save money in doing so. If you recommend a friend who stays beyond the 13 week free trail then we will give you a quarters worth of the basic service for free – that’s a saving of £49.40. And for each new person you recommend who stays we will give you a further free quarter.

And Finally
We have tried to answer some of the commonly asked questions on this information sheet but if there is something which we have not included please do not hesitate to contact the team on Tel: 01903 703 103, Web: www.redassure.org.uk or Email: info@redassure.org.uk