iVi intelligent pendant

  The iVi pendant is a lightweight device, and like the other pendants, allows you to generate a call through […]

Pill dispenser

  Medication dispensers can be used to automatically provide access to medication over a 28 day period, providing audible and […]


  These are stand-alone items that can be installed regardless of whether you have a red button unit. They offer […]

Memo minder

  Plays back a pre-recorded message of up to 20 seconds when motion is detected nearby. It can be used […]

Big button telephone

  The big button telephone is designed with very large black buttons and white writing, set against the contrasting white […]

Enuresis sensor

  On the immediate detection of moisture this think waterproof discreet mat sends a signal to a small interface module, […]

Flood detector

  The flood detector provides an early warning system for any flood situations, for example a tap left on in […]

Fall detector

  The fall detector works when it recognises a change in direction from vertical to horizontal or detects an impact. […]