Temperature extreme sensor

The temperature sensor will send an automatic alert through to the care centre via your red button equipment, should it […]

Natural gas detector

  A natural gas detector provides an early warning to a potential gas Leak, by raising an alarm to the […]

Carbon monoxide detector

  The carbon monoxide detector is programmed into your red button equipment, and placed in the most appropriate location in […]

Enuresis sensor

  On the immediate detection of moisture this think waterproof discreet mat sends a signal to a small interface module, […]

Epilsepy sensor

  The epilepsy sensor is designed to monitor people with epilepsy whilst they sleep. The sensor is able to differentiate […]

Bed and/or chair sensor

  The Bed Sensor is a small mat that fits underneath the mattress / seat cushion. It can be programmed […]

Property exit sensor

  The property exit sensor provides real time alerts by initiating a call to the care centre when the user […]

Smoke detector

  As part of our service we automatically refer you to West Sussex Fire & Rescue who will arrange to […]

Flood detector

  The flood detector provides an early warning system for any flood situations, for example a tap left on in […]

Fall detector

  The fall detector works when it recognises a change in direction from vertical to horizontal or detects an impact. […]