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Please contact a member of the RedAssure team on 01903 703 103 for advice on any of the services we offer and to tailor make a package to suit your individual needs. We offer a free no obligation assessment, and free installation. We also offer a same day repair service for your red button.

Note: Statements are sent quarterly and preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit although cash and cheques are accepted.


The Complete Solution

Telecare is a service which 1.75 million people rely on in the UK providing them with independence as there is always someone to help them in times of difficulty 24 hours a day. This site aims to provide further information on our services for you or someone you care about.

Premium Service 
From £3.80 per week

The RedAssure button is easy to use. A small piece of electrical equipment plugs into your phone line connecting you to the care centre. Simply pressing the RedAssure button enables direct speech contact to a real person who will stay on the line until help arrives. Our service operates 7 days a week, 24 hours day to ensure you get the right type of help quickly, be it one of your family, a neighbour, doctor or an ambulance.

Personal Response Service
From £3.25 per week

With this option we provide 24 hour personal response by a trained staff member to each and every emergency call. We quickly assess the situation to ensure the appropriate assistance is provided. In fact in 2009 we helped prevent a large number of unnecessary journeys to hospital. This service is particularly useful for customers who do not have family or friends who live close by as the service provides immediate support.

Calling Service
From £6.55 per week (based on 1 standard call per day)

We can call up to three times a day, seven days a week ensuring the wellbeing of our customer. Included in the service is a bespoke plan to ensure family, friends or health services are alerted if there is a problem. 


Our most popular products:

Fall detector
From £1.83 per week 

The falls detector comes with both its own stand, and black pouch, and also has an integrated button which can be pressed just like the pendant you wear.

The falls detector can be worn on a belt, or in a discreet pouch around your waist.

The detector works by detecting serious falls, and automatically raising a call with our care centre. This can be in a range of 50 metres from your careline base unit. The falls detector is activated by a change in direction ie from vertical to horizontal or on impact.

You need to take your falls detector off/remove it from the pouch and place it on its special stand whenever you go to bed or lie down. As it will automatically put a call through to the care centre if you don’t.

Like your pendant you do need to test the falls detector, every 2 - 3 weeks. The battery should last for 6 months, as long as it is tested regularly. If the battery does begin to get low, the Falls Detector will place a silent call through to the Care Centre, and we will arrange to come out and change it for you.

Flood detector
£97.05 one off charge

The Flood detector provides an early warning to any flood situations, for example a tap that has been left on.

It produces two types of signal, firstly an audible signal to alert you to a potential flood, secondly it signals our Care Centre, where they will identify that it is your Flood detector and obtain the most appropriate and immediate help for you.

You need to test your Flood detector, just like your Pendant. This should be done regularly, ideally every 2 - 3 weeks. Simply pick the Flood detector up, turn it upside down, and place two fingers over two of the metal prongs. If done regularly, the Flood detectors battery will last 5 years. If its battery does get low, it will place a silent call through to the Care Centre, and we will arrange to come and replace it for you.

Smoke detector
From £1.14 per week 

The Smoke alarm is wirelessly programmed into your existing RedAssure base unit. On detection of smoke it will raise two alarms:

Firstly it will produce an audible beeping to alert you to a fire.

Secondly a signal is sent automatically through the RedAssure base unit, to our Care Centre, who will identify what type of detector has been activated; allowing for the most appropriate and immediate action to take place.

Like your pendant, the smoke alarm does need to be tested every 2 - 3 weeks to conserve its battery life, and if tested regularly should last 5 years. If the battery does begin to get low, the Smoke Alarm will place a silent call through to the Care Centre, and we will arrange to come out and change it for you.

Property exit sensor
£285.44 one off charge + Free Installation

The Property exit sensor provides an early warning by alerting the care centre that the user has left their home and not returned within a predetermined time parameter. The sensor also alerts when monitored doors are left open providing you with added security.

The batteries should last 2 years, however, if they do begin to get low, the Care Centre will be alerted and we will arrange to come out and replace them.

Bed and Chair sensor
From £4.83 per week 

The Bed or Chair Sensor is able to do the following for you:

Alert us if you have got out of bed or your chair, and have not returned within a given amount of time.

If you have not gone to bed at a predetermined time.

If you have not got out of bed or your chair at a predetermined time.

We can also set it to turn a light on for you, should you get out of bed in the night.

In all cases, the Bed or Chair Sensor will alert the Care Centre, who will be able to get you the most affective and immediate help, should it be set off because of one of the above.

Like your Pendant, if the batteries in the equipment begin to get low, it will place a silent call through to the Care Centre and we will come out to replace them for you. We will also replace the Bed Sensor for you after 1 year, and the Chair Sensor after 90 days.

The chair sensor works on exactly the same principle as the bed sensor but is a smaller mat that sits underneath your chair cushion.

Epilsepy Sensor
From £11. 37 per week Including Installation

The Epilepsy Sensor will monitor your heartbeat and respiration, every time you go to lie down. Which means it can separate normal movements, from epileptic seizures such as Tonic-clonic, as well as hyperventilation.

We will set it to detect symptoms after a given amount of time and this can be adjusted, and we are happy to do this for you. The Epilepsy sensor will place a call with the Care Centre, via your RedAssure base unit, when the predetermined delay has been reached. This means that the operator is able to get you the most affective and immediate help available.

Like your Pendant, the Epilepsy Sensor needs to be tested every 2 -3 weeks to keep its batteries charged. You simply need to tap on the Epilepsy sensor with your fingers, until the alarm call is raised. If done regularly the batteries should last 5 years. If they do start to get low, we will be alerted and will come out to replace them for you. We will also replace the Epilepsy Sensor for you after a minimum of a year.

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