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How does it work?

We give you a small RedAssure button to wear on your person, on a wrist strap, clipped to your clothes or as a necklace. You just press the red button which connects to your phone line and makes a call to our team. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do I have to be close to my phone?

No, like most front door bells, the red button works by sending a radio signal which is received by the equipment. The RedAssure button has a range of 50m

If I press the RedAssure button, how quickly will I get help?

The call is made within seconds and we aim to answer all calls within one minute. The person who answers your call will listen while you explain what has happened. They will then get the appropriate help. This may mean ringing for an ambulance, or it may mean calling your neighbour or next of kin. You can decide together.

I don't have any family, so who will help me?

If you do not have anyone living nearby who can help you, you can choose for one of our team to come to visit you. This is the personal response service (PRS) see under additional services.

How can I be sure the RedAssure button will work?

All of our equipment is made to a high specification. In the unlikely event your equipment fails we have a 24 hour repair service.

Will it still work if there is a power cut?

Yes. All units are fitted with a rechargable battery backup.

How much does the RedAssure service cost?

The cost depends on exactly what you want.

We offer free installation and free no obligation assessment. We also offer same day repair for your red button.A member of our team will be happy to explain all the options to you.

If I need help and cannot reach my front door, what will happen?

One option would be to have a key safe installed, or we may be able to hold a set of your keys instead.

What is a key safe?

A key safe is a secure weather-proof box that fits to the outside wall of your home. You keep a set of keys inside and it opens with a combination number. You can give the number to the RedAssure team and anyone else that you trust to come into your home. It means that you don’t have to leave your door unlocked when you are expecting a visitor, or struggle to answer it yourself.

Can I buy or rent a key safe, without using the RedAssure button service?

Yes. Please talk to a member of our team.

Do you have other products that will help me to be more independent?

Yes. We can offer a number of other products and services. We can install sensors that register when the front door is open and closed (so that we can tell you if you have left it open). We can also supply medication reminders, intruder and bogus caller alerts, door chains and sensors for particular conditions like epilepsy and incontinence. Talk to a member of our team for details. If we haven't already got what you need, we'll try to develop it.

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